Buzzin’ around: Raleigh

As you know, I may or may not have a bit of a coffee obsession. Addiction? Hmm well I’ll stick with obsession. But honestly–as much as I love coffee, I love coffee shops even more. Sometimes my favorite part of vacation is looking up all the top places in town {Pinterest searches and yelp are my best friends} and then making my schedule to visit them. I love to just sit there, sippin’ on my drink, observing everything. “That person is definitely a regular. They already had his drink ready before he ordered. Ooo, look at all these young families. Bet they have a good school system around here.” You can really get a sense of “who” the city is by spending a few hours there.  


This past weekend, I went to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit a few of my best friends from college {Hi Bridger and Bina!} I’ve been to Raleigh a few times and each time I feel like it steals a little bit of my heart. The youthfulness of the city from the massive amounts of yo-pros mixed with the historical southern buildings and homes gives it the perfect vibe. There always seems to be something going on and another cute coffee shop to explore. Going to visit a friend isn’t any different than when I visit a new city on my own so coffee shop exploring was a must {Except it’s a little more fun because I get to drag them along with me}. I was able to try two new spots so here’s the breakdown of what to try and why to visit: 
1. Brew Coffee Bar (ig: @brewdtr)

This coffee shop is adorable and their branding was on point. I got the best iced vanilla latte I’ve ever had and Sam got the iced nitro cold brew. Yes, they have nitrogen infused coffee on draft. It basically looks like a Guinness and is super smooth. 


Besides the stellar coffees (which we got two more for the road when we left), the space is really cute. Perfect amount of wood to metal ratio and a decent amount of seating for the size. I couldn’t leave without grabbing a little souvenir.  


2. The Weekend at Slingshot (ig: @slingshotcoffee) 

Slingshot coffee is a bottling service in Raleigh specializing in cold brews. You may recognize the name from Whole Foods and some other local shops that carry them. However, on the weekends, they open up their doors and become a coffee lovers oasis. Since they are not a full coffee shop, they offer iced coffee (on draft again–because it’s the only way to drink iced coffee) and pour overs. Sam, Bridger and I all got iced coffee so I can’t comment on the pour overs.  


Our coffees were great but the real selling point is the cute, outdoor hang out area they have. Lots of places to sit and talk, not to mention the totally insta-perfect backdrop. This is the perfect place to spend a Saturday morning catching up with an old friend or just spending some time reading by yourself. 



3. Boulted Bread (ig: @boultedbread) 

 (This photo is via Boulted Bread’s Instagram because I forgot to take a picture when I was there) 

Walkable from my friend’s house, this bakery seriously looks like someone sold a piece of land in the middle of a neighborhood and turned it into a coffee shop/bakery. I came here about two months ago on one of my first trips to Raleigh. Once again, got an iced coffee {it’s really hot outside yall} and it was decent. Not going to blow your mind but worth a try if you are in the neighborhood. They don’t do flavored lattes so don’t expect anything fancy. Plus coffee isn’t really their main deal. It’s their baked goods. I wasn’t feeling well that morning so I unfortunately wasn’t able to try any of their food but it all looked delicious and my friend ordered one of their flatbreads and seemed to really enjoy it. There are some places to sit inside but most of it is outside. It’s a simple, cute shop looking to keep their coffee and the experience authentic.   


I can’t wait to go back and explore even more! 




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