Praying like Hannah 

Last week was a crappy week. And not just the “ehhh- my day was sorta bad” but like full on I want to hide and cry under my desk kinda crappy.  As soon as I would think one issue was resolved, another would pop up. Working, planning a wedding and moving all at the same time leaves lots of opportunities for things to go wrong. I was in my car talking to myself {that’s normal, right?} when it hit me. Instead of talking about all of my problems, I should really just pray about them. So I did. But that’s not where this story ends.

You see, it’s easy for me to immediately feel proud of myself for deciding to pray about my problems. A little part of me always feels like “Way to go Alaethea. What a great person you are for praying instead (insert other option here).” However, I have been reading She Reads Truth and a recent story about Hannah (from Samuel, Chapters 1-2) brings me back down to reality.  She reminds me that my prayer life isn’t about me. Prayer does not reflect the goodness I have, but instead it reflects the goodness of Christ. I pray because in a broken world, my pride and selfishness often get the best of me. But He is faithful and good despite of myself. So I pray through the mess. Messes that I create and messes that others create. I pray because I am in need of his grace and love constantly, as we all are. 


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