10 Songs to Help You Make It Through the Work Week.


Good news is tomorrow is Friday. Bad news is today is not. After you graduate from college, your view of summer changes in that it is now like every other season and you actually have to continue being a functional human being through out the week. So if you are sitting in your cubicle (or classroom or whatever office you find yourself in) dreaming of the pool and margaritas, here are a few songs to ease the pain.

1. On Me – James Davis

2. Little Worlds – Mandolin Orange

3. We Won’t – Jaymes Young

4. Wildfire – Scavenger Hunt

5. Weekend – Vérité (this song is currently on repeat on my playlist)

6. 20/20 – The Vaccines

7. Got It – Marian Hill

8. 10,000 Emerald Pools – BØRNS

9. Don’t Move – Phantogram

10. Let’s Get Lost – G-Easy (had to throw this in there for those of you who like rap. For those of you who don’t…I repeat–this is a rap song and most likely embodies everything you hate about the genre.)

You can find all of these (and moreeee) on my Spotify playlist, Spring Vibes.

Warning: Not all songs are suitable for group listening. Please make sure to wear your headphones while grooving.





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